Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Our Talent - Series Begun

Hello All,

Marcia, owner, agency director and principal talent coach at Mod Media here with a crazy great idea. Although, the blog will remain an authority for actors, models, voice-over artists and other professional performers, it will also act as a tool to showcase the outstanding talent that is represented by Mod Media Agency. What better way to introduce and instruct interested and new talent to the industry. I personally, have enjoyed discovering and learning the details of the diverse experience and background of our talent. From this, one can clearly see that the process of becoming a successful actor/actress (I generally use the term 'actor' for both genders), is ongoing, and requires a great deal of patience, persistence, dedication and a bit of luck.

Featured Talent: Marcia Bell aka Marci Marceau

ha ha, that's me. As I mentioned before, I am the owner of Mod Media Professional Talent Representation. Running an agency entails a whole lot of work, so I don't act much. However, I am listed as talent, no less. I must admit that as an actor I am not ideal; very little patience and a whole lot of Diva! I began to model in the late 1970s in Oregon, later I moved to Europe and worked primarily as a showroom and (the less glamorous sounding) fitter model in Italy. When I moved to nearby France, I did a bit of print work, some voice over work and a couple of commercials to supplement my income as a mental health counselor and English Instructor. Similar story previously in Italy, I should mention. Upon returning to the US, I began to refocus on my professional career in mental health counseling, case management and research, but never became totally disconnected from the fashion industry. In 1997, I completed my Masters degree in Public Administration, and Health Administration - then took back off for Europe. Flash forward, back in the States, I took a part-time job in a talent agency and soon developed very lucrative contacts in Portland and Los Angeles. After a 'disagreement', to put it lightly, I packed my things and started on my own, and plan on being one of - if not the biggest talent agency on the West Coast of the US. Stay tuned, after meeting our repertoire of talent, you will understand how.

Best and take care - mb

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  1. modMedia is a SCAM! A made up joke! She has no clients. Marci lives in a dream world. She never gets anyone a gig. All she does is lie to people. she tried to steal money from other jobs I worked. Marcia is a thief, a liar, and cannot be trusted!